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Best Choice of Doors for Bathrooms

30 December 2018

Doors are quite an expensive item, depending on the manufacturing process. Using reinforced materials or different decorative elements quickly adds up to the price. That's why choosing the right type of door is important, considering all the requirements of your home. Bathroom doors can also be a great feature of your interior design and come in a variety of price points. Moreover, bathroom doors usually open to several other room doors, so you don’t have much space to work with. Here are a few options for bathroom doors that cover different needs in style and functionality:

  • Pocket sliding doors

Definitely is a great choice for bathrooms if you have enough space in the wall. Pocket sliding doors don’t waste space in the hallway. They also allow putting more things up against the wall or hanging stuff on it. You won’t be able to attach hangers on the door, but on the other hand, you can install a mirror on either side of it. It is also a designer’s hack, when you have too many doors in a hallway, making one of them blend in with the wall, is giving your home a less cluttered look. And what blends in with a wall better than a pocket door.

  • Frosted glass doors

Using frosted glass doors is a great way to make them stand out from the rest, so your guests know exactly where to go. They let the light into the bathroom, while still giving you the privacy. Frosted glass doors are quite durable with proper care and they are easier to clean than, for example, wooden doors. It is also a better material for more humid conditions. Moreover, it doesn’t let the cold or heat into the bathroom, so you can create the same climate inside in any season. Frosted glass doors can be made to fit any door frame shape and size.

  • Shoji doors

Oriental style is the epitome of minimalism. Shoji doors have been used in Japan for hundreds of years and have been modernized into a common piece of home decor. Modern shoji doors are also much sturdier than their traditional counterparts. The light colored panels that comprise shoji door amplify the light coming through, so you don’t really need to turn on the artificial lights during the day.

  • French doors

These look the most sophisticated among any other type of doors. In certain styles of interior design French doors look the best, due to the wood and glass pattern and solid wood options. French doors are usually used in bigger bathrooms, especially if it opens up into the garden. A huge benefit of French doors is that they consist of two sides that are narrower than an ordinary door, so you are using less space, even though the door frame is slightly wider. If you choose the option with glass panels you will find that the bathroom will be brighter, since more light can get through. On the other hand, if you install solid doors, they will give you more privacy while still looking chic.

How far you can go with the bathroom doors depends mostly on your budget and what your home can fit. Contact Indigo Doors and we will help you choose the right kind or place an order straight away.

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