Fiberglass Doors Maintenance Tips

25 December 2018


Fiberglass doors are a great alternative for wooden and metal doors in that they can be manufactured to look like any other door style and are more durable against the tough use and sudden changes in weather conditions. If fiberglass doors are your choice, here are some maintenance tips for ensuring durability:

  1. Install fiberglass door guards. They come in rubber and metal, installed around the perimeter of the door. You can screw the guards on yourself easily with little screws to hold them firmly in place.
  2. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water. Since they are usually used as entry doors, fiberglass doors are subjected to all sort of conditions and washing away the dirt will help them last longer.
  3. Don’t throw away the care instructions that come with every door. They contain details on how to clean and treat the doors to ensure intended durability. It also contains information on what stains, primers, and strippers can be used on the door.
  4. Take notice of the staining temperature. Remember to stain or paint the doors only in a ventilated room with moderate temperature and away from direct sunlight to ensure that the coats dry evenly.

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