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5 Outdoor Living Space Essentials

8 January 2018

It’s easy to get hyped up for the warm summer weather, especially after long months of chilly winter and spring. Backyard barbecues, parties, family weekends: how much ready is your outdoor living space?

Whether you like spending time with friends or alone, here are some outdoor essentials, that will help you make the outdoors as comfortable and convenient as the indoors:

A Sliding Door for Easy Access

As much as we want to spend all the time outside, we still have to go inside for more food and bathroom breaks. A pocket or a sliding door will make it much easier to pop in and out the house, even if your hands are full of snacks. They both open wide without cramming the space and you can leave the door open to allow fresh air into the house. Having a back door that leads to the outdoor living space saves time, so if you don’t have the door yet, there’s still time to get one. Browse our website to find a suitable door for your house.

Light Arrangements

Sitting outside in the warm weather is nice even after the sun goes down. Adding lights will make the space more usable and cozy. Modern LED lanterns powered by batteries are a great choice, they don’t need any wires and they are easy to install, so you don’t have to worry about falling lights. A variety of styles means you can definitely match the lights to the overall look of your backyard. For a more romantic or relaxing atmosphere, set LED candles on the tables or windowsills. Preparing for a party? Set up string lights for the perfect ambience of your place.

A Cover-Up

It’s great to be in the sun, getting that vitamin D, but only in measured doses. In addition to that, some of your guests will appreciate the shade a lot more. A canvas tent or a covered deck will come in handy when the sun rays get too hot. A functional shade won’t cost that much to make. You will need four studs, installed into the ground or in buckets with concrete, and a large piece of fabric, like sailcloth, that you will spread between the studs. Just make sure, if you’re using concrete, that the studs stand straight before it dries.

Seating Arrangements

Comfort is a top priority when talking about a chillout zone in your backyard. There is a lot of outdoor furniture options for different price range, just make sure it’s comfy to sit on. If you need more seats at the table, buy a long wooden bench, or two, and a set of colorful chair pads for each guest. Adding different seating options to your outdoor space will satisfy every taste.

Setup for a BBQ

It’s hard to imagine a weekend outside without a BBQ meal. Who wants to boil in the kitchen while everybody is enjoying the fresh air? No one. BBQ placement is very important for safety reasons, you want a lot of space around the grill so nothing and no one gets burnt, but also not too far away from everybody else, so you can still socialize, while making sure the food doesn’t catch on fire.

Outdoor Entertainment

Are you ready for the full summer experience? When the weather warms up, your backyard turns into an actual outdoor living space, so you better make it as comfy and convenient as the indoors.

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