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Swing or Sliding Doors: What type of Interior Doors to Choose?

29 April 2021

Key feature of any interior design is choosing a suitable door leaf that can flawlessly blend with the modern look of your place. Although contemporary market can boast of a wide range of models suitable for every taste, swing and sliding door options have taken over interior designs and prove to be one of the most popular choices among homeowners due to a number of reasons. It might be difficult to decide what type of contemporary interior doors to pick, but being aware of their main advantages and disadvantages can help you to make the right decision.


Swing Doors

Swing DoorsEveryone is familiar with traditional swing interior doors. They are available in various shapes, styles, and prices allowing you to complement your house with an impeccable decorative element that will please the eye. They can be used for any room, any type of design and apartment.


Advantages of Swing Doors:

  • It is unfading classic. If you have no desire to experiment, the best solution for you is to choose traditional hinged doors. They will never become out-of-date and an explicit choice of models allows you to find the most suitable option.
  • Even if you are on a low budget, you can easily acquire inexpensive but a normal-quality interior door. While other types of doors require costly fittings to operate smoothly, swing doors can work for a long time even if they have inexpensive fittings.
  • Swing doors feature simple mechanism that is easy to fix in case something has gone wrong. The whole design is also reliable and can endure «slamming» as well as abrupt closing.
  • If the hardware went out of order, you can replace it effortlessly by yourself.
  • Swing doors have excellent insulation properties, so if you want to get some private space where no one will bother you with noise, it is a perfect solution.

 Advantages of Swing Doors


Disadvantages of Swing Doors:

  • Swing door has opening-radius, so they need some free space to be open and it can be rather inconvenient for apartments where space is a concern.
  • Without special limiters, it can beat against different furniture or walls destroying their surface.
  • Inexpensive hardware can lead to a range of unpleasant problems. One of the most common issues is when hinges rust making the door difficult to open and even squeak.
  • Over time, swing doors can lose their appealing look and skew that can case ugly scratches on the floor.


Sliding Doors

Sliding DoorsSliding interior doors is a stunning design solution as their sophisticated look combines aesthetics with functionality. Those doors can significantly improve the overall appearance of your place while making it more fashionable. Sliding doors move horizontally on metal tracks providing homeowners with lots of benefits.


Advantages of Sliding Doors:

  • One of the key advantages of sliding doors is space-saving as they have no opening radius and move horizontally.
  • Sliding door is an ideal solution when it comes to separating storage rooms and walk-in closets. They work well with the most extravagant interior designs allowing you to experiment with space and create a house you have always dreamt about.
  • Unlike traditional swing doors, sliding ones will save your furniture and wall from beating due to the peculiarities of their construction.
  • Sliding interior doors can also boast of high structure safety, so there is no need to worry that your child will accidentally run into a slightly opened door.
  • They are convenient to use for people with disabilities.
  • If you have wide doorways, sliding doors can add some elegance to your rooms while creating a peaceful atmosphere and pleasant environment.

Advantages of Sliding Doors


Disadvantages of Sliding Doors:

  • Their insulation properties are worse compared to traditional swing doors due to loose closure.
  • Sliding interior doors can be extremely massive requiring more effort to operate them.
  • Some types of modern interior doors such as pocket doors move into the special niche in the wall, but that option is only suitable for apartments featuring thick walls.
  • Sliding interior doors usually are more expensive than average swing doors, so you will have to spend a considerable amount of money on a quality set of doors.
  • If the doors are installed in the wrong way and accessories used are of poor-quality, be ready that your door will work with noise and even jam.


Picking the Best Interior Door Option

Both sliding and swing doors have their own advantages and disadvantages, but cons can be reduced if you pick quality door leaf from a reliable manufacturer. Indigo Doors offers a rich collection of luxurious interior doors (in Florida) allowing you to achieve impeccable design regardless of style. While choosing between those two types of doors, keep in mind that sliding doors perfectly work with spacious apartments and wide openings whereas swing doors are available in various styles and serve as an ideal solution for standard doorways.

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