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How to Take Care of Your Interior Doors

6 December 2018

It is essential to take good care of your interior doors if you want them to last longer. Every part from the surface and ridges to hardware and fixtures should be regularly cleaned. It is also important to sanitize the handle as it always collects bacteria from hands, especially if someone in the house is sick. Using antibacterial wipes or spray cleaners is the way to go.

Here are some cleaning tips to follow:

1. Use a damp cloth to dust off the door surface around the edges. It is much more efficient than a feather duster and prevents you from breathing in unnecessary particles.

2. Clean the fingerprints and smudges on the door frame. You might need a spray cleaner for food smears.

3. Clean varnished wood with oil soap and follow the grain direction when wiping down the surface.

4. Painted doors can be washed with a warm soap solution, but a spray cleaner can also do the job. Wipe the doors down from top to bottom, paying special attention to any ridges and decorations on the door surface.

5. At the end of washing up, always use a soft and clean cloth to dry all the surfaces completely.

6. Hardware can be cleaned with spray cleaner, but don’t forget to disinfect the door knobs or handles from time to time.

7. Apply oil to butterfly door hinges on a regular basis to prevent them from squeaking and wearing off. Also, invest in a brass cleaner in case it starts building up on the hardware.

8. On the soft touch eco veneers use the wet wipes (the ones that doesn’t contain oil or cream) to remove the fingerprints.

9. Do NOT use bleach to clean the doors, even the white ones.

10. By using the concealed hinges from Indigo Doors you don’t need to apply oil all the time due to the construction of the hinges.

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