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Make your Apartment Look Better with Modern Interior Doors

2 December 2019

The way we decorate our houses reflects our personality and showcases our individual taste. You definitely want everything to be perfect, that is why even the smallest detail is extremely important while turning your apartment into the home of your dreams. Choosing suitable furniture and the right color of the walls certainly is vital, but it is also equally important to pick up the right interiors doors. Among the vast range of modern interior doors available on the market, it is hard to decide, which one to choose in terms of structure and quality. If you are blinded by the extended range of offers, and still are not sure what the best option is for you, Indigo Doors is ready to help you. Whichever place you would like to renovate, our company has a large number of modern interior doors to suit every taste.


Why Choosing Indigo Doors?

You can find various sources presenting different door models, but Indigo Doors only provides excellent customer service, high end and unique products and does all the best to satisfy customers’ desires providing supreme quality modern interior doors. The main advantages of our service are the following:

  • Large variety of products. There is no need to shop around and visit multiple stores, as we have numerous doors of different shapes, colors, finishes, configurations and types, so you will definitely find something that will look perfect in your apartment. Also, there are many kinds of opening systems for you to choose such as French doors, swing interior doors, bi-fold, compack and rotary systems, as well as sliding doors, bypass, Magic system, barn.
  • ReliabilityAll the modern interior door models are made of high-quality natural solid wood and are finished with natural wood veneers, Italian Enamel or eco-friendly veneers which do not harm your health and secure long term durability of the door.
  • Reasonable prices. Luxury must be affordable! We are the only company, who has fair prices for this kind of quality. You should not live on a tight budget just to get the desirable model of the door, as Indigo Doors is the supplier and the manufacturer as well. We do not have any companies in between the factory and us, which is why we can offer best quality doors and the best prices! Our extended collection of doors allows you to choose the option suitable for your pocket.
  • Effortless installment. Once you have bought doors, we will recommend experienced installers, who will install the doors in no time allowing you to enjoy the new alluring appearance of your home or office. You don’t have to worry that something may go wrong if you hire professionals, who will take care of all the necessary details. Hiring professional European doors installers will save you both – time and money.


Selecting the Right Interior Doors

At first sight an attempt to redecorate your place may seem like great fun, but as you start deciding on the furniture to buy, the situation may get tricky. When it comes to selecting interior doors, the things aren’t less complicated.  First, you should pick the style of the door, as it will determine the general look of your home interior. If your home has a contemporary interior, then you should consider choosing modern interior doors with latest European design features, such as aluminum lines and inserts, innovative materials, advanced door opening systems – frameless hidden jambs, which will make your door be flush to the wall, rotary system, magic sliding system, as well as wall panels of  supreme quality. We recommend using such models as Nova, Vento, Unica, Titanium and other doors from our modern collection. Second, think in advance of the way the door is to swing or slide, as it determines the convenience for future usage. Since we offer the largest variety of door styles, finishes and designs, as well as multiple high end door systems in Florida, Indigo Doors is your one stop store for modern or traditional interior doors and wall panels.


Top Modern Interior Doors Trends

If you are still wondering what will be the best option for you, here are a few popular interior door trends:

  • Indigo Kosmo - is a great representation of the balanced minimalistic contemporary style which will perfectly underline almost every type of interior. Lots of people tend to choose this door for its sleek modern design, multiple texture and finish options, and refreshing aluminum inserts.
  • Indigo Nova - is another popular door model. Its style will never become out of date and its simple elegance is capable of making every interior look sophisticated due to the unique Soft Touch finish. The door is easy to clean, so even after a few years of usage, it will keep its appearance of a newly installed door. 
  • Indigo Vento – glass doors will always be in style. This particular door model will be your best choice if you are a fan of glass doors. Safety is the first thing you think of when you purchase glass doors. Vento interior door, besides perfectly smooth veneer, has safety Triplex glass installed, which is the same as hurricane proof exterior door glass.
  • Indigo Titanium - is a perfect combination of industrial design and contemporary stylish tendencies. Decorated with a glossy black glass and real aluminum edges, with addition of matt veneers, Titanium interior door is specially designed for people with a futuristic interior design. 
  • Indigo Tia – this door is a good option for spaces with more traditional or transitional design. It is a great pick for areas with lack of natural light, as frosted glass inserts will make a room brighter. Tia interior door has a fresh contemporary look compared to an old fashioned shaker style doors due to thin glass lines, which change the whole appearance of the door. Another advantage is that Tia door is covered with ecologically pure veneer made in Germany.

Choosing the doors is extremely vital for maintaining the harmony of the style and our company is glad to provide you with a vast range of modern interior doors (Florida).

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