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How to Choose the Right Interior Doors

5 December 2018

When choosing an interior door, try to browse through all the different options available on our website, don’t settle on the first one you see that looks okay. A style that you can absolutely fall in love with might be on the second page of your search. Here are some other aspects to consider:

● Ask yourself – how much time do I have to finish the project? If you need the doors right away – please look through the models, which are in stock right now. If you have about 2-4 months, then you can run for creativity and get any door from our web site.

● Choose which height of the door is needed, depending on the construction plans, the existing door height or your preference.

● Consider the type of your door – swing, pocket, bypass, barn, bifold, magic, double swing, French doors, hidden doors, flush doors, flush with the wall doors, frameless doors, seamless doors, doors on a metal frame etc.

● Which way should your door swing? It’s important to know which way you be opening it before you order and install the door. We suggest that you install a door so that it opens towards a wall and not another door.

● Consider STC ratings, which means Sound Transmission Class. A higher rating ensures that less sound can pass through the door. High STC is also essential for bedrooms people use for sleeping.

● Different types of doors can fit differently into interior design. Things like color, material and finish play a role in maintaining a consistent style. Additionally, doors differ in functionality; for example, pocket doors are used in places with little space for a swinging one.

● Decide on which door material is best suited for your style and needs. For example, metal doors might be better left for utility rooms, while wooden doors look good in any bedroom.

Contact Indigo Doors for more help in choosing an interior door or placing an order.

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