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How to choose excellent interior doors

20 December 2018

We can skip a door into a kitchen or a dining room, but can rarely do so with the entry house doors or apartment rooms. They allow us to keep some semblance of privacy and help to play with the style a bit. With so many options for configuration and style, which one should you install in your home? Further, you will find some points to consider when choosing an excellent interior door.

Difference in Door Configurations

Depending on how much space you have or how the rooms are decorated, certain models of doors will fit better:

  • Panel doors - most common type with a pattern shaped from panels;
  • Flush doors - are entirely flat and smooth, and they blend in easily with the interior;
  • Bi-fold doors - an excellent option for a smaller home; these doors are made of sections, like a folding screen, which can be wide or narrow, depending on how many sections you want and how much space you have;
  • French doors - these consist of two panels, usually with glass patterns, but not necessarily, and can add a certain flair to the room; ideal for a balcony, patio or the living room;
  • Sliding doors - these are usually installed in places with limited floor space, but quite a lot of wall space, since they slide open left or right;
  • Pocket doors - these also sliding ones, but going into a pocket in the wall; it’s an old-school style making a comeback;

Indigo Doors also offers Flush-to-the-Wall, Hidden doors, flush doors, seamless doors, frameless and barn doors, magic doors; bypass doors etc.

Variety of Materials

There are several types of materials used to produce the doors that affect the look and durability. Doors can be made of solid wood, glass or metal, or any combination of these three which affects its price and durability. These options are the most cost-effective. Doors can also be solid or hollow-core, and these are manufactured from a combination of plywood on the outside and wood fiber on the inside. The first onesaregood value for the price you pay, while the othersare usually inexpensive and not as strong.

Finish of the Door

If you are going for a wooden door, there are two options in terms of finish: stain or paint. Staining the wood helps bring out the natural texture while painting it helps to add color to your interior. Solid-core doors also can be made to look like stained wood and add a nice touch to a more traditional design. Nowadays there’s a huge variety of real natural wood veneers as well as the eco veneers. Eco veneer is an extremely durable finish, which can be easily washed if it gets dirty. All the indoor doors, covered with natural exotic wood veneers, are coated with UV varnish, which prevents the doors from fading. As an upgrade option you can choose the doors with real wood veneer and high gloss lacquer on top. Indigo Doors also offers the doors in luxury Italian enamel. In metal doors, there is not much variety in finish and texture, and it is usually unnecessary, but it can be obtained by using certain types of paint. Last but not least, glass, whether it is the whole door or an element, can be matt or shiny, patterned or even reflective.

Swing of the door

Swinging doors are the most commonly used type. Which way will your door swing when you open it, left or right, in or out? It’s important to know before selecting a door since it affects the location of hinges in the jambs and the door handle.


Door frames are important for fitting the door properly. It usually only differs in width, and it should definitely match the door itself in color and design.

Now that you have considered all points, contact Indigo Doors and place an order for your new interior door.

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