Kosmo Duo Interior Door Soft Touch White

from $325
Indigo Kosmo Duo interior door Soft Touch White is a contemporary combination of a simple shape and futuristic aluminum décor. The door is perfectly smooth, with protected strong edges, covered with absolutely white durable eco veneer. The unique Smart Wood technology will protect the room from noise, and we are also offering solid wood filling as an option, to make your door perfect. If you are looking for a modern interior door perfectly white with the recessed inlay of real aluminum strips, you are making the right choice.
  • Finish: eco veneer
  • Type: swing; double swing (french); pocket; barn; bypass; bi-fold; pivot; roto
  • Glass: no
  • Color: white
  • Door Slab Widths Range: 18"; 24"; 28"; 30"; 32"; 36"
  • Door Slab Heights Range: 80" special order; 84" special order; 96" special order


-          Solid wood core (multidirectional wooden planks glued together in order to have a stronger core);

-          Middle panel (Smart Wood technology covered with 6mm MDF boards from each side);

-           Real aluminum strips inlay (the strips are mounted into the special grooves, not just glued on top of the slab), covered strong edges;

-           Perfectly smooth white eco veneer is applied on top;

-           Door slab passes the process of grinding before eco veneer is applied;

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