Italian Concealed Hinges (3-way adjustable)

from $45
Technical features
• Material of hinge: ZAMAK.
• The hinge is reversible, if mounted in the center of the door thickness, allow the reversibility of the door, thus enabling the optimization of the stock and logistics at installation.
• Movement on 7 junction fulcrums equipped with bearing in plastic HT with high resistance and long life.
• Equipped with 3-way adjustments that can be settled by means of just one 3 mm hex-spanner. Once installed, the door has natural sinking, Invisacta hinge allows to set the door back to the start position.
• The hinge can be fitted with door closing devices.
• Outer casings protect the inner junction fulcrums against rubble coming from door installation works.
• The clamping screws, placed in the outer casings, are not used for hinge adjustment, therefore they remain stable for a long time.
• Aluminum caps available to conceal the screws (Patent Pending).