Tia Interior Door Gray Chestnut

from $335
for door slab
Indigo Tia interior door Gray Chestnut is the fairy-tale door. The sunlight flaring through the thin pieces of glass will fill the room with sunshine and light the way in dark areas of your home or rooms without windows. The installed glass is frosted and this door can absolutely adorn your bathroom or bedroom. Rich Gray Chestnut textured eco veneer makes the door look bright and is the most durable finish, which can be applied on the slab surface. The uniqueness of Indigo Tia is that it can be easily disassembled and fixed in case of mechanical damage.
  • Finish: eco veneer
  • Type: swing; double swing (french); pocket; barn; bypass; bi-fold
  • Glass: yes
  • Color: gray
  • Door Slab Widths Range: 18"; 24"; 28"; 30"; 32"; 34"; 36"
  • Door Slab Heights Range: 80" special order; 84" special order; 96" special order


-          Solid wood vertical stiles (multidirectional wooden planks glued together in order to have a stronger core);

-          Middle panel (MDF boards with frosted strips of glass instalation);

-          Door slab passes the process of grinding before eco veneer is applied;

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