Kosmo Flat Interior Door Soft Touch White

regular price from $400
from $280
for door slab
Kosmo Flat Interior Door is a heavy solid flat door with a perfectly smooth Soft Touch White eco veneer on top. It is an interior door, which you always want to touch due to its softest velvet touch finish. Kosmo flat is one of the unique and modern interior doors, which can be washed and will remain the same bright and soft throughout the years.
  • Finish: eco veneer
  • Type: swing; double swing (french); pocket; barn; bypass; bi-fold; pivot
  • Glass: no
  • Color: white
  • Door Slab Widths Range: 18"; 24"; 28"; 30"; 32"; 34"; 36"
  • Door Slab Heights Range: 80" in stock; 84" in stock; 96" in stock


-          Smart wood filling inside (multidirectional wooden planks glued together in order to have a stronger core and a pressed wood in the middle panel);

-           Perfectly smooth white eco veneer is applied on top;

-           Door slab passes the process of grinding before eco veneer is applied;

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