Gardi Interior Door Wenge

from $320
for door slab
Indigo Gardi interior door wenge inspires. It’s contemporary design with the recessed inlay of real aluminum strips makes your interior look different from anything you’ve seen before. Vertical endless wood stiles, exotic natural wood veneer wenge on top covered with European quality varnish is what your home needs.
  • Finish: wood veneer
  • Type: swing; double swing (french); pocket; barn; bypass; bi-fold; pivot; roto
  • Glass: no
  • Color: brown
  • Door Slab Widths Range: 18"; 24"; 28"; 30"; 32"; 36"
  • Door Slab Heights Range: 80" special order; 84" special order; 96" special order



-          Solid wood vertical stiles (multidirectional wooden planks glued together in order to have a stronger core);

-          Middle panel (30mm MDF board with real aluminum strips inlay);

-          Door slab passes the process of grinding before wood veneer is applied and gets several layers of varnish on top;

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